"I was so thrilled by Lisas energy, joy and ability to say this full YEEEES . Thank you" 



"Lisa is a very soft being sensig what can help finding a gateway to yourself, she helped me a lot finding my voice, I still think back of the time of coaching and I still do the exercises we learned together." Simon



"Oh your time is wisely used if you join." Priscila


"Lisas authenticity and honesty is a priceless gift. I love her strength, rigour, presence and zest for life. With here awareness for everyone and every moment she creates a space to flourish... Thank you!"



"If you want a fun, honest and holisitic coaching Lisa is perfect for that. She lives and breathes authenticity and helps other people finding it. Apart from bringing me further within my praxis she moved my soul and ma old hips. Thank you." Lara


"Lisa IS the Art of Relating" Joe



"Lisa is an incredible guide in her workshops. She is creating a safe space and intuitively knows how to meet people on their level." Nadine 

"I am so glad to have attended your acting workshop. Love how you’re able to combine your background in theatre, dance and mindfulness to the teaching. Your insight shifted something fundamental in me."


"I love the idea of having Ideas and just throwing them away .
Its exactly this: living in the moment without making yourself concepts because we dont know how will the next moment be?"


"This work shows me so much about myself every time I attend Lisas Workshop. I loved the feedback and it gave me the hint I needed. There was a moment while moving when I felt such an empty moment of urgence but I did not know what to do and was desperate ! And Then to realize that there is so much power in this moment, so much power. " Mara

"The workshop strengthend me and was very inspiring. Lisa has a beautiful energy and presence. I felt very motivated and the exercises were holistic (Mind, Heart, Willpower) and thrilling."


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