© 2018 by LISA RIESNER.

Theatre - reaching beyond

Exploring the essence

If we can understand nature in its ways to grow

we get a taste of what we can do on stage.

With our bodies.

With our minds. 

I created reaching beyond. 

A spiritual and physical practice in form of a laboratory space, workshop or intensive. Made to get permeable, to do the necessary only and connect to your higher self.

The work is highly physical, personal and rooted in personal growth, there to confront you. Learn to listen and to awaken you.

The main influences for my method are Tschechow and Stanislawski Acting Technique (Russia). But there are more inspirations that I practiced longterm as Physical Theatre. Clowning. Feldenkreis. Aikido. Tantra. Radical Honesty. Authentic Relating. Dance Improvisation. Theatre Improvisation. Yoga. Meditation. Contact Improvisation. Acrobatics. Brasilian Dance. Breath Thearpie. Creative Writing. Soundhealing. Speech and Voice. Pantomime. Eurythmy. Anthroposophy. Martial Arts. Classical Music..