© 2018 by LISA RIESNER.


Your decisions define you
Lisa is an Acting Student and Teacher with holistic background based in Berlin.
What do you want?
To live my potential
To know I am the creator of it all
The four most important questions for you?
Are you appreciating what you have?
Are you radically honest?
Can you forgive?
Are you striving for the impossible?
What can one learn in your workshops?
To listen
To overcome fear
To create magic
Something funny?
Just take a look in the mirror. We are all fools.
What do you want to give to the world?
Poetry and Light
Most important thing to know?
You are not alone
Education and Inspiration
Journalism, Rhetorics (B.A.), Media, Videos and Writing
Contact Dance, Modern Dance, Dance Improvisation, Brasilian Dance, Feldenkreis, Aikido, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Ball Sports, Playfights
Breaththerapy, Inner Bonding, Massage, Tantra, Radical Honesty
Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Anthroposophy
Speech, Pantomime, Theatre Impro, Tschechow Technique (Studies), Clowning

Life goes in spirals. Passion means loving and never giving up until Transformation comes and shifts your being to pure Grace.